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Aztec Calendar

The purpose of this web site is to reveal the ancient knowledge of the Ancient Mexican culture, which has been hidden in safekeeping until this time. This culture can finally be revealed to all so that a new flowering of the world’s most advanced civilization can occur and TOTLAZOTLALNANTZIN ANAUAK (Our beloved and respectable mother earth) can regain her strength and fulfill her destiny. Click Here To Read About Our Ancestors Teachings

The 2nd Re-encounter with Our Common Root in the 3rd step from Teotiuakan to Xochikalko, Malinalko State of Mexico, and its ceremonial center receive the Sun for its zenith on July 27, 2009.



Thank you to the hosts of the LA Natives Podcast for a wonderful discussion of the calendar and what it means for us.

Audio En Español: Escuche Mazatzin en el Podcast INFINITO, profundizando sobre la Civilización Azteca y nuestra Identidad Cósmica


ÁGUILA y CÓNDOR EN CONCORDÁNCIA “Reunión de Una Sola Nación” Conferencias de los Movimientos COM-26V

FLASHBACK: Parts of Our Journey and Progress

in 2019, Mazatzin was able to gather with The  United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. See his intervention and fast forward to 01:41:41 here – https://bit.ly/2WSGTvu

Mazatzin receiving support from Attilo Mendigure Sarmiento, President of the FENDUP on March 3, 2016

Back in 2015, Mazatzin was invited to The Eagle Quetzal Condor Gathering. See his response – https://youtu.be/qfLkhfwu2CU

Updated Items For Aztek Calendar and Cosmic Clock Codex in 2021


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Thank you for contacting us and for your desire to know your TONALLI, which is a piece of the Sun that represents the name and archetype associated with the Year, Date and Time of one's birth. This is our first step to a Tonalamatl which is a complete study. There are 4 Year Signs: HOUSE, RABBIT, REED, FLINT that repeat with a subsequent number from. 1-13. There are 20 Day Signs that also repeat with a subsequent number from 1-13. Here we will share this correlation with your birth DAY and YEAR

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to continue our mission in providing an opportunity for everyone around the world to understand their Cosmic Identity and Responsibility, to return to a right relationship with nature and the rhythm of the cosmos. TLAZOKAMATI!

Knowledge Towards Your Cosmic Identity

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