International Mother Language Day…Day of Mother Languages 

I am sending you this message on the Day of Mother Languages from San Luis Potosi, in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. 

Mazatzin's Honorary Doctorate Degree

I am here to receive my Doctor Honoris Causa from The University Del Norte Tamaulipas in conjunction with the University of San Luis Potosi, for my life’s work on the Aztek Calendar, and as human rights defender as the First Coordinator of the International Council of First Nations.

I want to dedicate this day and this video to all our dearly beloved that have transcended due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with special love to my cousin Ramon from Texas.

Today upon receiving my Honorary Doctorate I will be reciting a poem in the ancient language Nahuatl. NONANTZIN IKUAK NIMIKIZ…MY BELOVED AND VENERABLE MOTHER.

It is a great adventure and a great honor to arrive in these lands of the Gran Tunal Chichimeka Huachichil from where social movements of conscience come out that transform, and will continue to transform Mexico and replicate throughout the world!!! 

Please be patient with me and I will catch up, asap.

Mazatzin is my traditional Mexika name. It means venerable Deer, and I was also honored with an Anishinaabe name, Ogichidaa Noodin, which means Guardian (Warrior) Wind.

By the way, February 22, 2022  was the day 3 Deer MAZATL on the Aztek calendar. 

Remember to Praise the Corn and Keep the Count on the Aztek Calendar… 

KALLI KAUPOUALLI…the House of Time Computation

Knowledge Towards Your Cosmic Identity

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