Teachings from our Ancestors

Our ancestors teach us the duality that we are simultaneously individuals and cosmos, therefore we must work collectively. We must continue this pre-American thinking in which the human organism, like the universe, is a community. Our very glands labor communally and they influence each other and they advise each other. If one gland does not respond at the call of another, the other will insist, gather more co-operation and send urgent messages. Our heart, the kidneys, the liver and the lungs all work communally. Our five, or more, senses work communally to inform us of the community that surrounds us and to which we belong.

Mazatzin and supporters gathered outdoors around the Aztek Calendar.

Mazatzin teaching the Aztek Calendar to children outdoors in Mexico

Therefore, for these and many more observations accumulated through millenniums the pre-American individual decided, as we must act in the cosmos like all the other entities of the cosmos, communally. So, we welcome and encourage volunteers to help build this web site. Artists, writers, editors, scientists, astronomers, researchers and you are invited to join in this great re-discovery of ancient wisdom regardless of your nationality or place of origin.

Timo Itazke…See you later.


Knowledge Towards Your Cosmic Identity

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