Aztec Calendar T-shirt OR Tank – Colors Derived from Ancient Artifacts

Dare to Wear Azteknology Gear? This T-shirt has Aztec calendar symbolism ! It is 100% soft and light polyester fabric. The image has been printing using subliminal ink printing.



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Aztec Calendar Tote Bag

Dare to Wear Azteknology Gear? This tote bag has ancient Aztec calendar symbolism ! It is 16″x16″ polyester fabric.


made with polyester

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What makes THESE specific image anon the Apparel so special? That’s right! its not another two tone stamp image of the Aztec Calendar. . It actually includes the original coloring and detailed symbolism once used. The image you see here has been specifically colored according to ancient Aztec artifacts that have been preserved from 1470. This specific image is copyrighted.

What information does this image hold? A system that can still be used today! This imagery is depicted as it is in the ancient books known (in Western terms) as the Codices. Around the calendar image you see different symbols or “TONALLI” which represents the name and archetype associated with the year and date of one’s birth. To hear about your TONALLI and learn how to apply its value to your life visit This is where you will also find the life work and teachings of Mazatzin.

Knowledge Towards Your Cosmic Identity

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