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Ancient Mexika Chronological System

February 26, 2021, 2:13 pm UTC+1

A special time for Activity


72 minute cycle: Tlazoteotl
18 minute cycle of Tochtli The Rabbit: Our multiplicity and taste perception. Represents the fertility of the earth and all living beings by the lunar influence. They are very independent, yet are always giving to and providing for others. 


Day/Dia/Tonalli: 12 Malinalli The Herb: Our umbilical cord and the constant regeneration of nature. It also represents all Flora, these are all medicinal, if we use them wisely. 
Iluikapotzintli:  Day Companion  Patekatl The One that cures with Plants. Represents the Xiuipatiliztli, the study and practice of herbal medicine. 

Ze Zipaktli

Trecena:  Thirteen Day Cycle  Ze Zipaktli The Crocodile: Beginning of evolution of all beings. The Initiator, number One even with no number Two. 
governed by Tonakatekutli

Youalpotzintli:  Night Companion  Xiutekutli The Guide of the Fire 

In Totopotzintli:  Winged Companion  Ketzaltototl The Precious Bird 


Year: 8 Tekpatl The Flint: Our tongue; the word, profound, pointed and sharp; profound method of study and analysis to truly comprehend things and then produce enduring concepts 

Veintena:  Twenty Day Cycle  Izkalli Resurgence of Totlazotlalnatzin, our beloved and respected mother earth 

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