Ancient Mexika Chronological System

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Ancient Mexika Chronological System

August 5, 2021, 2:54 am UTC-7

A special time for Reflection


72 minute cycle: Miktlantekutli
18 minute cycle of Itzkuintli The Dog: Our loyalty and fidelity. He is a best friend and a guide with the capability to transform himself and all that surrounds him. He loves to travel, but will not forget where he comes from and always returns to his place of origin. 


Day/Dia/Tonalli: 11 Mazatl The Deer: Symbolizes our agility, instinct, intuition, perception and sensibility, as well as all the Fauna. The deer is activated by the energy of the Sun and is a messenger of love and peace from the grandfathers. 
Iluikapotzintli:  Day Companion  Tlalokantekutli The Guide of the Region of the Rain. What the earth drinks, the water from on high in all of its manifestations. This is the principal action to fertilize and produce sustenance. Tlalok belongs to the context of the science of life, Ketzalkoatl, uniting two life generating actinos, heat and water. 

Ze Ollin

Trecena:  Thirteen Day Cycle  Ze Ollin Movement: Our lips and the movement of our heart. The essence of life and of existence, directly related to activity and creativity and the constant movements of the universe. 
governed by Tlazoteotl

Youalpotzintli:  Night Companion  Piltzintekutli The Guide that Gives Color to Life 

In Totopotzintli:  Winged Companion  <Alotl The Macaw 


Year: 9 Kalli The House: Our home, refuge and house of thoughts; a safe place for reflection and regrouping for the comprehension of all living beings 

Veintena:  Twenty Day Cycle  Ueitekuiluitl Great day of celebration of our guides and the tender corn 

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