Ancient Mexika Chronological System

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Ancient Mexika Chronological System

November 26, 2020, 12:11 pm UTC-8

A special time for Creativity


72 minute cycle: Mayaual
18 minute cycle of Zipaktli The Crocodile: Beginning of evolution of all beings. The Initiator, number One even with no number Two. 


Day/Dia/Tonalli: 11 Xochitl The Flower: Our completion, maturity, artistic and spiritual creativity, ready to produce fruit and seed. It represents artistic and scientific creativity. 
Iluikapotzintli:  Day Companion  Xochiketzalli The Precious Flower. This is the practical and scientific knowledge and all that is accomplished by love, beauty and positive endurance. In the minds of men it produces the poetic word, the flowery songs and the actions of flourishing thoughts. 

Ze Itzkuintli

Trecena:  Thirteen Day Cycle  Ze Itzkuintli The Dog: Our loyalty and fidelity. He is a best friend and a guide with the capability to transform himself and all that surrounds him. He loves to travel, but will not forget where he comes from and always returns to his place of origin. 
governed by Xipe Totek

Youalpotzintli:  Night Companion  Tepeyolotli The Heart of the Mountain 

In Totopotzintli:  Winged Companion  Alotl The Macaw 


Year: 8 Tekpatl The Flint: Our tongue; the word, profound, pointed and sharp; profound method of study and analysis to truly comprehend things and then produce enduring concepts 

Veintena:  Twenty Day Cycle  Tepeiluitl Days that the mountains rejoice and commemorate Tlalok, the rain 

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