A correlation of one’s birth date and time to that specific piece of time written in the ancient painted books (Códices) in two separate 8 1/2 X 11 sheets. One has all the information in English or Spanish and the other has the original images from the codices that correspond to the written information. So as you are reading it you will become familiarized with the archetype that represents it. This is not just a horoscope of good or bad luck, rather what this will show is the potential and quality that was present at the time of birth and to which one has access to.

The Tonalamatl Cosmic Birth codex are available either in English or Spanish  

$65+ S&H

The codex comes in 3 parts:

1.) A written record
(As shown above)

2.)Original images from the Ancient codices

(As shown above)
3.)A follow up consultation

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Knowledge Towards Your Cosmic Identity

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