Moratorium on Deportation Force and Raids

I am interested to call for a Moratorium on Deportation Force and Raidsagainst all the people immigrating from Mexico and all points South, these are all Indigenous peoples not “illegals” as no human being is illegal…!!! I am looking for 200-300 Indigenous nations to stand up and write proclamations and declarations defending these indigenous brothers and sisters and their children, just as they did for Standing Rock, but there is still too much ignorance in that many Indian people see mexicans as illegals, less than them, so we need to break that bubble first before we can stand one complete Human Being, brothers…!!! Much love and hugs for you and all the family.

In the news

– Texas girl, 10, with cerebral palsy faces deportation after trip to hospital

– Federal immigration agent looking for fourth-grader at NYC school blocked from entering


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