Ancient Mexika Chronological System

January 24, 2021, 10:47 am UTC-7

A special time for Activity

Xipe Totek

72 minute cycle: Xipe Totek
18 minute cycle of Kozkakuautli The Condor: Our youth and a moment of reflection and remedy. Reflect to find the teachings and remedy the faults. Find life where there is, apparently, no life. 


Day/Dia/Tonalli: 5 Kiauitl The Rain: Our teardrops, peaceful and furious at its time. Sensitivity, the concept of Tlalok, Tlal = earth, Ok = a drink = What the earth drinks, to give us life. 
Iluikapotzintli:  Day Companion  Tonatiu Tonalteotl The Sun. The principal generating element of life on earth. He who has the heat and energy and gives us light and warmth, like a good father. 

Ze Kuautli

Trecena:  Thirteen Day Cycle  Ze Kuautli The Eagle: Our vision; a solar symbol. This is the physical and spiritual renovation, purification and cleansing of ourselves and our environment. Here is the presence of freedom and liberty and a guardian of the house of creating energy, Teokalli. 
governed by Xochiketzalli and Tezkatlipoka

Youalpotzintli:  Night Companion  Chalchiuitlikue The Jade Skirted Rivers of Mother Earth that brings life to her children 

In Totopotzintli:  Winged Companion  Kakalotl The Crow 


Year: 8 Tekpatl The Flint: Our tongue; the word, profound, pointed and sharp; profound method of study and analysis to truly comprehend things and then produce enduring concepts 

Veintena:  Twenty Day Cycle  Atemoztli Descent of the waters, Uitzilopochtli, the internal war 

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