This almanak is for your daily consultation.  In it we want to clarify by means of the ancient language, NAUATLATOLLI, (harmonious speaking), and the oral tradition from pre-Hispanic Mexico many of the concepts of our grandfathers that to this date have been incomprehensible to Eurocentric linear thought.  Now, we will give you a brief introduction to the elements in nature that influence each of the 20 days of the ancient Mexican calendar system.  So, beloved reader, we leave in your hands, just one more of the multitude of beautiful and flowery metaphors of what was, and is, the great culture of the ancient ANAUAK.   These concepts are now being integrated into the way of life of many…interested in having a re-introduction to their “Cosmic Identity and Responsibility”.  For, regardless of neither nationality nor place of origin, this calendar is for you…it is a Human Experience towards Personal Transcendence, use it Daily!

 This book explains the meaning of all the days and to find your birthday. Available either in English or Spanish. 

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Knowledge Towards Your Cosmic Identity

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